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Mastering Leadership in the Christian Camp and Related Ministries

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Softcover $18.95
Length 178 Pages
Publication Date 1996
Company McElroy Publishing
ISBN-10 0-9622191-6-9
Height 8″
Width 5.3″

How would you like to get all the QUALIFIED help you need this season––and at a bargain basement price? It’s easy. All you have to do is turn your 2nd and 3rd year counselors into an “Army of Servants” just aching to work for you. How do you do it? Get each of them a copy of Mastering Leadership in the Christian Camp and Related Ministries.

This book condenses 12 years of research and over 30 years of leadership experience into one easy-to-read, easy-to-reference sourcebook that you and your counselors will use repeatedly. It reveals simple ways for you to get 2nd and 3rd year counselors to do tasks that only you could have done in the past.

Mastering Leadership in the Christian Camp and Related Ministries is 166 value-packed pages of practical, down-to-earth, real, and workable how-to’s, tactics, strategies, styles, and techniques designed to turn your experienced staff into real leaders who can actually assume some of your heavy workload.

This “confidence-in-a-book” handbook contains a dazzling array of information that can turn your ordinary 2nd or 3rd year counselors into leadership dynamos. It’s like a “field manual.”

Here’s what’s included:

  • How to lead in front of a group––without getting paranoid.
  • Platform Manners––what they are and how to use them to command attention.
  • How to prepare properly before making a presentation.
  • How to use of body language to get and keep attention.
  • How to “look like” a leader––in dress, manners, and speech.
  • How to explain the “no personal contact” rule––without causing rebellion.
  • How to teach a new game or activity––13 “for example” steps.
  • How to handle the 5 MAJOR distractions:
    • Nonparticipation
    • The lemon face
    • The talkers
    • The antagonist
    • Noisy or visual distraction outside the group
  • How to lead songs––even if you don’t know music.
  • How to “fake it”––when necessary.
  • How to use song cards and overheads successfully.
  • How to lead games––the easy way.
  • Step-by-step planning for a successful game time.
  • 6 different ways to divide teams into groups.
  • How to lead a “sport” type activity.
  • 6 proven principles to follow to ensure game time success.

Your counselors will also learn how to master 9 key areas of self-discipline including:

  • How to spend money like a leader.
  • How to submit to authority like a leader.
  • How a leader examines his/her spare time.
  • How a leader responds to demands.

They will also learn how to successfully handle:

  • Evening service
  • Song time
  • Game time
  • Announcements
  • Meal time
  • Behavior problems
  • Leadership in the cabin group area

Your counselors will benefit from the following:

  • How people learn––the 4 different groups
  • 10 things every godly leader must be
  • Why you should be willing to suffer for the sake of the Lord’s work
  • The self-discipline of a leader
  • 6 ways to turn yourself into a servant
  • How to be humble
  • 5 simple steps to being filled with the Holy Spirit
  • 5 things it will cost you to pay the price of leadership
  • Why you should be unafraid to fail
  • 16 things to listen for to find out where a camper is coming from
  • The Biblical Leadership Qualification Checklist––a simple 2-page, 20-point checklist on the scriptural qualifications of being a leader
  • The Spiritual Gifts Inventory Checklist––use this test to determine the tools God has already given them that can help you
  • The Leadership Qualities Test––33 attitude-checking, heart-searching questions sure to identify and eliminate any leaders’ “selfish” quotient

15 Different But Proven Ways to Motivate Others including:

  • The Follow the Rules Method––including how to make any camper feel like part of the “in group”
  • The Group Cooperation and Enthusiasm Method
  • The Encouragement Method––including exactly “what to say” when presenting the method
  • The How to Achieve Your Goals Method––including the 7 basic desires most youth want fulfilled
  • The Success upon Success Method––including exactly “what to say” when presenting the method
  • The Motivation by Recognition Method
  • The Motivation by Reward Method––including why this powerful technique can backfire if used too much
  • The Competition Method––including how to stop this method from being destructive
  • The Group Motivation Method––including exactly what steps to take and how to handle the common problems encountered with this method like:
    • Controlling conflicts between personalities
    • How to handle the “the one-man show”
    • How to handle the “complainer”
    • How to deal successfully with “destructive comments”

3 Different Approaches to Leadership Are Explained:

  1. The Direct Approach
  2. The Semi-Direct Approach
  3. The Non-Direct Approach

Learn How to Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes Even the Best Leaders Sometimes Make:

  • Listening to wrong advice
  • Failing to take appropriate risks
  • Getting sidetracked from your real ministry––including 8 ways to keep the fire in your ministry
  • Not acting like a leader
  • Not acknowledging your limitations

Gain Insight into Campers’ Character:

  • 32 character traits of 6–11 year-olds
  • 33 character traits of 11–14 year-olds
  • 41 character traits of 14–18 year-olds
  • 10 character traits of firstborn children
  • 6 character traits of second-born children
  • 7 character traits of last-born children.

Mastering Leadership also Doubles as a Leadership Training Seminar––With One Big Difference…

It’s one that can be run by trainees.

There are 18 easy-to-use chapters. Each chapter ends with a review and a soul-searching question-and-answer section (many questions are open-ended requiring thinking instead of repeating grocery lists). You can choose from over 73 questions and projects, which can be used for individual assignments or group discussion.

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