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The Complete Encyclopedia of Christian Camp Directing and Programming

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3-Ring Binder


11.5 x 10.5 inches


Softcover $59.395
Length 361 Pages
Publication Date 1994
Company McElroy Publishing
Binding 3-Ring Binder
Height 11.5″
Width 10.5″

Best-selling author and former camp director Dave Burrow has assembled the greatest book of Christian camping insider secrets, shortcuts, and ideas ever presented––over 989 specifics from which to choose, use, or make your own––360 power-packed pages of practical, down-to-earth “use-it-now” type information.

Whether you are starting a camp from scratch or just want to see your camp flourish, this resource is for you. Now you can have an immediate answer to anyone who asks about any phase of your camp ministry.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Christian Camp Directing and Programming features:

  • Memory makers––50 low- or no-cost ways to imprint your camp’s memory in the minds of your campers
  • Maintain a spiritual “high” at camp––discover over 30 proven ways
  • Activities galore––over 100 in all, complete with how-to’s and a 12-point checklist to see if your activities pass the “fun test”
  • 20 charts and forms––which you have full permission to copy and duplicate

This book is like having a 40-year veteran camp director right by your side every day. And one of the first things that old battle-scarred veteran would show you is…

How to Have Rules That Campers Will Obey

  • 7 simple but effective all-camp rules
  • 5 rules for swimming
  • 3 rules for boating

Almost everything you need to know about how to be a successful camp director is now available right at your fingertips, and…

It Covers Every Phase of Christian Camping

  1. Program ideas––scores of them that will either jog your memory or excite your imagination
  2. Financial ideas––plans that will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars
  3. Counselor training ideas––insights into important areas that you may have overlooked
  4. Music––how you can create a total program even if your “gift” isn’t music
  5. Schedules––for retreats, camps, counselor training, music, and more
  6. Evaluations––the entire process is laid out for you, including forms, tabulation, and how to gauge the results

You will refer to The Complete Encyclopedia of Christian Camp Directing and Programming over and over again in the coming years as you:

  • Create effective camp brochures and direct-mail letters––learn who to send them to and how to follow up.
  • Use it to plan your camp year––including how to have a financially sound camp.
  • Develop statements of purpose for your board of directors––you’ll even be able to submit a complete camp program down to the last detail.
  • Save money in your camp operation, figure costs properly, and purchase products and services like a pro.

Plus, you’ll learn things like how to:

  • Supervise your camp like a fortune 500 executive––and have a successful working relationship with your staff.
  • Recruit counselors and staff––and train them to be effective.
  • Have a safe camp––safety checklists to cover all the basics.
  • Have a healthy camp––including 27 ailments any camp nurse must be able to handle.
  • Have a “five star” kitchen––full of menu options, economy dishes, and 10 yummy and wholesome snacks you’ll want to carry in the camp store.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Turn your buildings and grounds into “silent salesmen.”
  • Make your property “pay you dividends.”
  • Use your facilities in new ways during off-season––ideas and ministry expansion cautions.

There is no other single source available today with so much information. The Complete Encyclopedia of Christian Camp Directing and Programming is more than a book…

It’s a Book Full of Solutions

  • Do you know how much sleep is needed for staff and campers? Find out what studies say.
  • Learn the 9 specific goals that you should achieve with each camper.
  • Discover camp discipline that works––for staff and campers.
  • Create a successful “theme camp” that will leave an unforgettable impression with your campers.
  • Establish an effective music program and avoid mistakes that could cost you your camp ministry.

There’s even a 27-item checklist for your recreation shed. Plus, you’ll get details about nature related activities, including:

  • How to build a nature trail––what to include and how to clear it.
  • How to create fun signs that educate and instruct––and last from season to season.
  • 5 nature-related activities for the whole camp or cabin group.

Finally, we get to the heart of Christian camping…

How You Can Impact Your Campers for the Lord Jesus Christ

Use all 14 different ways and times to deliver the word of God to your campers. It’s all included:

  • The “after bacon blessing”
  • 5 steps to successful Bible lessons
  • What to include in the evening service, vespers, or campfire
  • Who should deliver the Bible message and more…

To top it all off, you get a secret arsenal of over 50 special events to “spice up” any camper’s experience (and hear them say “I can’t wait to come back again next year.”)

The Complete Encyclopedia of Christian Camp Directing and Programming includes a comprehensive appendix containing:

  1. A full one-year complete camp plan including a checklist of what to do each month.
  2. A 64-point checklist for pre-summer opening.
  3. A cook-out menu for groups of 10 or more.
  4. A suggested menu for your camp for one week.
  5. A 56-point checklist of suggested kitchen equipment for the feeding of 100 folks.

One more thing…

We’ve Pulled the Copyright Just For You

You have full permission to copy the 20 special forms and charts for use in your own camp. These charts include:

  • 1-page basic Bible test for staff personnel
  • Food requisition form for cookouts
  • Equipment checkout form
  • Daily work plan for the kitchen crew
  • Weekly music plan
  • Counselor evaluation of camp form
  • Staff evaluation form
  • Retreat group evaluation of camp form
  • Contract agreement form for groups using the camp
  • Staff application form
  • Organizational charts and more

And to help you get the most out of this book…

It Has an Index That Just Won’t Quit

Six pages with 143 separate items are jammed into this comprehensive index. Find what you need fast.

All the major options that you can possibly find are put right at your fingertips in The Complete Encyclopedia of Christian Camp Directing and Programming.

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