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How to Be a Successful Camp Counselor

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8 x 5.3 inches


Softcover $18.95
Length 196 Pages
Publication Date March 2000 6th edition
Company McElroy Publishing
ISBN-10 0-9622191-3-4
ISBN-13 978-0-9860265-9-1
Height 8″
Width 5.3″

Intended for evangelical Christian Camps, How to Be a Successful Camp Counselor isn’t stuffed with useless puff and theory. It’s an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow, practical book that fully equips even novice counselors to professionally handle everyday camp problems.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Handle homesickness––without giving in.
  • Make friends with campers––on the first day.
  • Discipline––without yelling, torture, or ridicule.
  • Enforce “problem preventing” cabin rules––without being a bully.
  • Be a friend––without sacrificing authority.
  • Get kids to “open up” in a discussion––and exactly what to do when you can’t get a discussion going.
  • Stop after-dark bathroom visits––without creating a problem.
  • Get campers to sleep in about 15 minutes––every night.
  • Stop a bully in his tracks––without being one yourself.
  • Conduct a successful story time––without being boring.
  • Have manners in camp––38 “for examples.”
  • Measure success––using a 16-point checklist.
  • Set goals and why they work.
  • Work like part of a team.
  • Have a safe and successful cookout.
  • Recognize the different camper personality types.
  • File campers using birth order, family, and culture.
  • Make the last night of camp a “night to remember.”
  • Follow up on campers.

Plus, you’ll get insight in a variety of situations with practical advice on exactly what to say:

  • To a homesick camper––and what not to say.
  • To make a camper feel “at home.”
  • To get kids excited about their coming week at camp.
  • When you want to find out where the camper is coming from––20 specific questions to ask.

Moreover, you’ll learn what to do:

  • About child abuse––including 10 common symptoms of sexual abuse.
  • When you’re abused by a camper.
  • When a counselor falls in love at camp.
  • About practical jokes.
  • During registration time.
  • With the camper who insists on calling home.

Make Sure Each of Your Counselors Is Spiritually Successful…

The last thing you want is a camp that is fun-and-games only. This book includes specific instructions to make sure your counselors make a real difference in the lives of your campers:

  • Chapter 4 helps your counselors actually measure their spiritual success with campers.
  • Chapter 10 simplifies how to lead a child to Christ.
  • Chapter 18 gives specific helps on how to end camp on a spiritual high instead of a worldly blowout.
  • Chapters 14 & 15 detail how to lead a discussion.

Conduct Enriching Cabin Devotions…

Equip your counselors with these useful tips:

  • 4 steps to successful devotions
  • 5 nights of sample topics
  • 3 types of camper responses and what to with each one
  • How to get kids talking

These simple but valuable practical suggestions can mean your campers will have their lives challenged for Jesus Christ. Great memories will draw campers back year after year.


“I was impressed with your book! My counselors used it and referred to it time after time. Thanks for this timely resource that fits our situation.”

––Rick Strapello, Camp Mantowagon, Saxton, PA

“Great readable style, plenty of points for personal interface especially if you’ve worked with kids before. Seems to address many questions I get when doing counselor training.”

––Mike Dunn, Camp Blue Ridge, Staunton, VA

“I’ve come up through the ranks to be a Camp Director … Junior Counselor, Maintenance Staff in high school, Waterfront as college student, Session Director as young married, etc. … Dave—this book is me! Good Job! Very practical. Can be used by anyone who cares to do a good job. Thanks.”

––Steve Hankins, Sky Lodge Christian Camp, Montello, WI

“I found it to be a practical book for myself as a Director of a camp, and I’m convinced it would be a valuable book for the counseling staff, as well. I am interested in purchasing 30 copies of this book to give to our summer staff that have direct interaction with campers.

––Herb Lantz, Spruce Lake Retreat, Canadensis, PA

“We have used your book … in our Staff Training last year and found it to be very well received. In fact, it was a tremendous help to our Cabin Counselors and Program Staff. We would like to order 12 more copies.”

––Wesley Quandt, Camp Mihaska, St. Bourbon, MO

“I’ve looked long and hard to find a book like this one. Other books give very little to go on in terms of practical help for counselors. I plan to use your book as a text book for my counselor sessions. Thank You, Dave.”

––David A. Delle, Forbestown, CA

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