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How To Be A Great Camp Counselor

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8 x 5.3 inches


Softcover $18.95
Length 186 Pages
Publication Date 1992
Company McElroy Publishing
ISBN-10 0-9622191-4-2
Height 8″
Width 5.3″

Intended for any camping program, How to Be a Great Camp Counselor isn’t stuffed with useless puff and theory. It’s an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow, practical book that fully equips even novice counselors to professionally handle everyday camp problems.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Handle homesickness––without giving in.
  • Make friends with campers––on the first day.
  • Discipline––without yelling, torture, or ridicule.
  • Enforce “problem preventing” cabin rules––without being a bully.
  • Be a friend––without sacrificing authority.
  • Get kids to “open up” in a discussion––and exactly what to do when you can’t get a discussion going.
  • Stop after-dark bathroom visits––without creating a problem.
  • Get campers to sleep in about 15 minutes––every night.
  • Stop a bully in his tracks––without being one yourself.
  • Conduct a successful story time––without being boring.
  • Have manners in camp––38 “for examples.”
  • Measure success––using a 16-point checklist.
  • Set goals and why they work.
  • Work like part of a team.
  • Have a safe and successful cookout.
  • Recognize the different camper personality types.
  • File campers using birth order, family, and culture.
  • Make the last night of camp a “night to remember.”
  • Follow up on campers.

Plus, you’ll get insight in a variety of situations with practical advice on exactly what to say:

  • To a homesick camper––and what not to say.
  • To make a camper feel “at home.”
  • To get kids excited about their coming week at camp.
  • When you want to find out where the camper is coming from––20 specific questions to ask.

Moreover, you’ll learn what to do:

  • About child abuse––including 10 common symptoms of sexual abuse.
  • When you’re abused by a camper.
  • When a counselor falls in love at camp.
  • About practical jokes.
  • During registration time.
  • With the camper who insists on calling home.

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